Wednesday, 7 June 2017

School Residential to London 5th-7th June 2017 (Letter to Parents)

As we return from London, I want to thank the five brilliant staff, one Governor and twenty-three children, who have made London 2017 a success. I have huge respect for the parents who weighed up the facts and made an individual choice for their child's participation or withdrawal. I know how difficult the decision was. In some families, there were disagreements about the best course of action. Making the decision to continue with our trip is one the most difficult I have made in my time at Hartford Manor. Would the children be safe? Would the staff be at risk? -were the two key questions I needed to resolve. With the support of Cheshire Police, The Metropolitan Police, the teachers and Hartford Manor parents I made a choice. 
Being frank, all the staff felt nervous before and during the visit, but we never felt in danger or exposed. A strong police presence, and the millions of London residents and school children going about their daily business, without fear or panic, helped to calm our nerves. 
Keeping in touch with family and friends back home, via social media, has always been important during our trips to London. This year it has been more important than ever. 
Mrs. Diamond and Mrs. DeWolff have been working with the pupils back at school. The remaining children have continued learning about London and have been talking about respecting individual choices. We have received some wonderful messages of support from children back at school. 
Teaching our children that there are no outsiders, and not to undermine each other's choices, or differences, is vitally important as we prepare them for life in modern Britain. 
Thank you for your support. 
Simon Kidwell

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